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Most Asked DevOps Interview Questions

Here we have compiled the most probable DevOps interview questions asked in the industry. You will learn about software version control, Git repository, reverting a commit in Git, Vagrant, continuous testing elements, and the importance of continuous integration, testing, and deployment. These questions are curated after discussing with many interviewers and DevOps Training experts.

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Interview Questions
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181. What is a maven Assembly?

The Assembly is to concatenate the project’s output along with its dependencies, modules, site documentation and files/directory into a single distributable archive. Like jar, war, zip, tar, tar.gz, tar.xz etc.

182. What are the types of Maven Plugins?

There are mainly two types of Plugins listed below:
Build Plugin:- This one is used during build and should be configured in element of pom.xml
Reporting plugin:- This get executed during site generation and they should be configured in the element of pom.xml

183. What are the Configurations Possible in setting.xml file?

The possible configurations in setting.xml are:

  • User can configure proxy
  • User can configure local repository
  • User can configure central repository
  • User can configure remote repositories

184. If you fail to define information in pom.xml, then from where does pom inherit that information?

From Supre POM, all poms are inherited from this super pom some call it as parent pom or base pom.

185. How can you activate the profiles?

Here are some ways to activate/trigger Maven build profiles:

  • Explicitly using commands
  • Through the maven settings
  • Through the Environment variables
  • From OS Settings
  • Missing Files/Present Files.

186. How Maven handles and determines which dependency version to be used when found multiple versions?

Maven has a concept of Dependency Mediation. Maven chooses the first declared dependency, if it got two separate versions of dependency declarations in the same level of dependency tree.

187. Explain what would the "jar: jar" goal do?

Jar: Jar will just create JAR from target/classes directory, considering that compilation and test already done. You can call it a jar plugin, more specifically a jar mojo.

188. What is a force maven update?

$mvn clean install -u.
-u flag, forcefully updates snapshot dependencies. It is not good to update release version dependencies in this way.

189. How to override default name of WAR file?

By using the final name element <finalName></finalName> in the pom.xml file, overwrites the default name of the artifact.

190. Is there a sequence in which Maven searches for dependencies?

Yes, Maven has the hierarchy to search dependencies, firstly search for dependency in local repository if not found it will look in central repository then in the remote repository only if remote repository is mentioned else maven quits searching.

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