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Upcoming Bootcamps/Workshop

Ansible For Beginners & Intermediate - Live Webinar (9 hours)

With End-to-End Real-time Project Work & Hands-on
Step-by-Step Practice, Preparation Materials

Ansible Bootcamp

6 Modules

09 Hours

03 Projects

Includes Docker, GKE & On-Premise

Bootcamp will starts in

Oct 07th, Saturday (8:00 PM - 11:00 PM IST)
Oct 08th, Sunday (8:00 PM - 11:00 PM IST)
Oct 14th, Saturday (8:00 PM - 11:00 PM IST)


1,996/- or $ 29/-

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Workshop Goals/Takeaways

Our Bootcamp/Workshop sessions offer a comprehensive blend of cutting-edge industry techniques and practices, along with valuable insights from top tech experts. Each session is focused on practical, real-time project-oriented training. By participating, you'll develop a thorough understanding of technical concepts and gain hands-on experience working on 2-3 real-time projects. This training will prepare you to confidently handle real-world projects from day one or ace technical interviews.

  • To make you work on real-world projects immediately
  • Master the technology from the core
  • Ace technical interviews confidentially
  • Work on 3 Projects

Course Content:

Day-1 (3hrs)
Module: 1
  • What is a Configuration Management tool? What is Ansible?
  • How Ansible Works
  • What is Infrastructure as a code
  • About Idempotency behavior
  • About some important Ansible Terminology
Module: 2
  • Test Environment Setup
  • Installation and configuration
  • Ansible Configuration file
Day-2 (3hrs)
  • Why use ad-hoc commands? Syntax of ad-hoc commands
  • Use cases for ad-hoc tasks
  • Copying and Executing Modules:
  • Running first Ansible commands
  • Rebooting servers
  • Managing files, Managing packages
  • Managing users and groups
  • Managing services
  • Gathering facts
  • YAML Structure, Playbook structure
  • Ansible playbooks - quick start
  • Playbook syntax checks
  • Variables in Ansible
  • Ansible Sections - target, tasks, handlers
  • Defining Variables in Ansible Code, Use Cases
  • Debug the console logs
Day-3 (3hrs)
  • What are Conditionals in Ansible
  • What are Loops in Ansible
  • Handlers in Ansible
  • Ansible Vaults- Introduction and Importance of vaults in Ansible
  • Vault - commands, and usage in playbooks
  • Introduction on Ansible Roles
  • Role directory structure
  • storing and finding roles
  • Using roles
  • Running a role multiple times in one playbook
  • Include and Dependency Management
  • Passing different parameters
  • Introduction on ansible tower
  • Tower installation and Tower Dashboard


The main objective of this program is to teach Ansible, as it is the most preferred DevOps tool for orchestration, automation, configuration, and managing the IT Infrastructure. This course will also focus on the benefits of Ansible, as Ansible responds and scale in pace with the demand.


Here you would be having 20 empty containers. You should configure all the 20 containers with all the dependencies for running the Gamutkart project, and you would be deploying the project's artifact in all those containers.

What You'll Learn:

Introduction to Ansible
Build Ansible Inventory Files
Automate provisioning and web server deployment

What materials you get:

  • All classroom step-by-step practical materials
  • Ansible books, Soft copies
  • Ansible Webinar Slides
  • Ansible lists, Cheat-sheets & Interview Questions


  • Basic knowledge about software development processes
  • Knowledge of Git, Maven, Linux



Target Audience

  • System Administrators
  • Cloud Infrastructure Engineers
  • Automation Engineers


Gamut Gurus Technologies lives with the legacy of being Bangalore’s best training institute. The DevOps classes led by our expert trainer, Mr Pavan kumar, a DevOps consultant and architect with 13+ years of vast experience has helped 20000+ students get placed and trained more than 12000+ batches of DevOps enthusiasts.
Trainer Sridevi P is well known DevOps Architect & Consultant with 13+ years of real-time experience. Worked with NetApp, TCS .etc. top technology oriented companies. He delivered more than 12000+ DevOps training batches and trained more than 60000+ learners.
This webinar training is designed in such a way that you will start everything from very basics and learn Kubernetes advanced concepts. It's not just a theory based, but all concepts are covered in pure practical way. Our Trainer is real-time technical and core command line professional. Throughout the course, you will be working on "GamutKart" web application project. You can in fact present it as a POC in your organizations. After completion of this course, you will be able to dockerize any application and deploy in production scale Kubernetes cluster.
After completion of the classes every day, all course practice materials will be shared to your email or we will provide you with the link to download from our website
Yes, we provide you with the course completion certificate from "Gamut Gurus Technologies
No worries. After the Webinar classes our trainer will try to all your questions through email which we will share during the session.
Anybody who is working or joining in a project where Docker & Kubernetes is involved. If you are joining in a project where Kubernetes is implemented from scrtch. After this course you get complete end-to-end work-flow & hands-on knowledge.
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