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Kubernetes For Beginners & Intermediate - Live Webinar (12 hours)

With End-to-End Real-time Project Work & Hands-on
Step-by-Step Practice, Preparation Materials

Kubernetes For Beginners & Intermediate

No of modules: 8

No of hours: 12

₹ 999/-
$ 13/-
Course Timings
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End Date: yet to decide
P Nageswara Rao
DevOps Architect & Consultant
No Of Modules: 8
Docker - 2
Kubernetes - 6
12 hours
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About the course:

Kubernetes is an open source Orchestration platform for managing containerized applications and deployment services. It's an orchestration tool that provides Auto-scaling, Zero-down-time release, Roll-back, Rolling-updates and Self-healing capabilities for Applications. Kubernetes features combine over 15 years of Google's experience running Google Search, Gmail, GFS ..etc large scale enterprise applications. It is portable, extensible and declarative configuration based automation tool.


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P Nageswara Rao

He is the senior Course Advisor and trainer, who holds 14+ yrs of experience in DevOps with deep-rooted professional pitches in Walmart-labs, NetApp ..etc. as a Senior Architect, process planter and SME worked vibrantly for multi clientele base globally on this technology. He has 08+ yrs of corporate training experience in sowing DevOps seeds across top MNCs in India. With a proven track record of running 530+ successful batches engaging 6700+ learners as alumni working for top companies globally through his Bangalore's No.1 DevOps Training Hub - Gamut Gurus!


Configure complete Application Life-Cycle: Build web application project, Containerize, deploy on Kubernetes cluster with 10 instances, Setup the Load balancer and Make application accessible from anywhere in the world. Complete Hands-on on Gamutkart Project.


GamutKart is web application e-commerce project. You will get complete application's source code for configuring all concepts on Kubernetes cluster.

What You'll Learn:

Docker essentials, Dockerizing applications by creating Docker container images for stand-alone or web applications
Setting up DockerHub account, Writing Dockerfile and publishing docker images.
Be able to understand Kubernetes Architecture, deploy and administer Kubernetes Platform
Create a single node, production grade Kubernetes Cluster with kubeadm. Hands-on on Google Cloud Platform
Working with Micro-services and understand Micro-services Vs Monolithic Architecture. Horizontal scaling.
Creating and deploying PODs for GamutKart web application project.
Pod life-cycle management commands. PODs horizontal scaling.
Creating Replica-set and deployments for GamutKart Web application project by writing YAML files.
Creating Kubernetes service objects, Setting up the Load balancer and make application accessible from anywhere in the world.

What materials you get:

  • All classroom step-by-step practical materials
  • Kubernetes books Soft copies
  • Kubernetes Webinar Slides
  • Kubernetes Awesome lists, Cheat-sheets & Interview Questions


  • Good to have basic Linux knowledge
  • Basic level of Docker knowledge (No worries! We make you understand Docker in first 2 modules)

Target Audience

  • Beginners in container world
  • Beginners in Orchestration world
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Build and Release Engineers
  • System Administrators
  • Application or Production Support Engineers
  • Developers & Architects working on Micro-services
  • Project Managers and Release Managers
  • Cloud Platform Engineers

Course Content: Download Syllabus

Day-1 (3hrs)
Module: 1
  • What is Docker and Container?
  • Container Vs Physical Vs Virtual machine
  • Creating first container. Linux Kernel concepts involved in container creation
  • Necessary Container management commands :
    [docker container ls, docker container -n2, docker rename, docker rm, docker attach, docker inspect, docker start | stop | restart ]
Module: 2
  • What is Docker Image?
  • Docker image advantages in the application deployments
  • Shipping application's code with dependencies as Docker Images
  • Setting up Docker Hub account. Publishing images into Docker Hub
  • Writing Dockerfile to create image for GamutGurus e-commerce application
  • Building Docker Image
Day-2 (3hrs)
  • What is Kubernetes?
  • History of Kubernetes, Google Experiences
  • Kubernetes Architecture & Building Blocks
  • Docker Vs Kubernetes (Complementary technologies)
  • Why Container Orchestration tools? Application deployment challenges
  • Kubernetes as Data Centre OS
  • Container Orchestration Capabilities: Autoscaling, Zero Downtime Release, Rollback, Self-healing
  • Rolling Updates. etc
  • Installing Kubernetes with Kubeadm
  • Production Kubernetes setup using Kubeadm
  • Setting up Kubernetes cluster (Deep-dive)
  • Kubernetes Components Deep-dive
  • Master/Controle Plane Server, Worker Nodes, Kube-API Server, Kube-Controller, Kube-Scheduler,Cluster-Store/etcd, Kubelet, Kube-Proxy, Kubectl, Container runtime ]
Day-3 (3hrs)
  • Development, Build and Deployment challenges in the Monolith Architecture
  • From Monolith to Microservices - project ideation
  • Monolithic Vs Microservices Architecture
  • The Docker & Kubernetes role in Microservices
  • What is POD? POD Vs Container
  • Single & Multi Container PODs & Use cases
  • POD - Horizontal scaling
  • Creating PODs - Writing YML files
  • Deploying PODs & to Run the application on Kubernetes
  • POD life-cycle management commands
    [ kubectl get pods, kubectl get nodes, kubectl apply with various options, kubectl exec, kubectl, Delete PODs etc ]
Day-4 (3hrs)
  • Application Autoscaling, Self-healing, Rollbacks & Rolling Updates with Zero downtime
  • Kubernetes declarative Model - Desired state & Current state
  • Replica Set objects and create Deployment object - Writing YML files
  • Kubernetes deployment management commands [ kubectl get deployment, kubectl create, kubectl describe deployment.etc.]
  • Inspecting PODs and application instances
  • Create a Service object that exposes an external IP address - Writing YML Files
  • Kubernetes Service management commands [ kubectl create, kubectl get svc, kubectl describe service ..etc. ]
  • Creating compute instances in the Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Setting up Firewall rules & ports
  • Setting up NodePort Load balancer
  • Run 10 instances of GamutGurus e-commerce application
  • Access the running application from anywhere in the world using Service object


Gamut Gurus Technologies lives with the legacy of being Bangalore’s best training institute. The DevOps classes led by our expert trainer, Mr P. Nageswara Rao, a DevOps consultant and architect with 13+ years of vast experience has helped 6700+ students get placed and trained more than 530+ batches of DevOps enthusiasts.
Trainer Mr. Nageswara Rao P is well known DevOps Architect & Consultant with 14+ years of real-time experience. Worked with NetApp, WalmartLabs .etc. top technology oriented companies. He delivered more than 530+ DevOps training batches and trained more than 6700+ learners.
This webinar training is designed in such a way that you will start everything from very basics and learn Kubernetes advanced concepts. It's not just a theory based, but all concepts are covered in pure practical way. Our Trainer is real-time technical and core command line professional. Throughout the course, you will be working on "GamutKart" web application project. You can in fact present it as a POC in your organizations. After completion of this course, you will be able to dockerize any application and deploy in production scale Kubernetes cluster.
After completion of the classes, everyday all course practice materials will be shared to your email or from our website
Yes. Based on the request, we provide course completion certificate from "Gamut Gurus Technologies".
No worries. After the Webinar classes our trainer will try to all your questions through email which we will share during the session.
Anybody who is working or joining in a project where Docker & Kubernetes is involved. If you are joining in a project where Kubernetes is implemented from scrtch. After this course you get complete end-to-end work-flow & hands-on knowledge.
You can call us on our support email: Or US: +1 408 809 3690 India: +91-944897 1000
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