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Frequently Asked Questions

The payment depends on your package. After getting the job, you need to pay 3 months gross salary in three monthly consecutive EMIs, after getting the salary every month.
For example, if you get a 5 LPA package, you need to pay Rs. 125,000 + GST.
You can start paying back when you start receiving your first salary.
Yes, we get the job requirements from different clients. We also have collaborations with different MNC’s and Startups. Apart from our placement drives, we also help you to post your resume to different job portals and help you until you get the job.
We are in collaboration with top MNC's and Startups. All our GGPAP program courses are the most trending & emerging technologies. You will be placed in our partner companies or other companies like below. Below companies hire from the domains that we have as part of the program.

Ex: TCS, Wipro, Amazon, Flipkart, Cognizant, Honeywell, Accenture, CTS, HCL, Google, Microsoft and Many more.

Students have the option to drop out within 3 days of the program start date. We will sign an ISA agreement with the learner after joining the program.
Yes, Initially we invest a lot for your Course (~60k), Real-office workstation cost, Lab, Infrastructure (~40k).. Etc. So, you need to pay your program fee. That’s the purpose of this model. You learn and get placed without paying the course fee initially and you pay us only once you get income through your salary.
Yes, You can pay Rs. 98,000 before joining the GGPAP program. The program essence is to collect the fee once you start earning. However, you can also pay in advance. If you pay Rs. 98,000 in advance, you will get Rs. 20,000 discount on overall fee.
For example: if you get a 5 LPA package, your total fee is Rs. 1,25,000 which is 3 months gross salary. Since you already paid Rs. 98,000/-, the difference amount that you need to pay is 27,000. As you paid the fee in advance, we will give you Rs. 20,000 discount. So, finally you need to pay only the remaining 7,000. You save Rs. 20,000 with this option.
A candidate who enrolls with us will get placed. If you are an experienced person, you will be paid more than your current package.
Income Sharing Agreement is a simple agreement where you agree to pay 3 months gross salary after getting the job. You pay this fee for our initial investment on your 1. technical + job readiness courses worth up-to Rs. 60,000/- 2. Real-time office work-station cost, Infrastructure, Lab which is around Rs. 40,000/- 3. Job assistance. You pay 3 months salary in three consecutive monthly EMIs once you get the job and start earning. You don't need to pay anything if you don't get the job within 1 year.
Once you get the job offer, you need to pay the program fee as per the ISA whether you take it or reject it. Yes, it is still valid.
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    +1 (866)693-2179
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