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Most Asked DevOps Interview Questions

Here we have compiled the most probable DevOps interview questions asked in the industry. You will learn about software version control, Git repository, reverting a commit in Git, Vagrant, continuous testing elements, and the importance of continuous integration, testing, and deployment. These questions are curated after discussing with many interviewers and DevOps Training experts.

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Interview Questions
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171. What is the Goal in Maven Terminology?

A Goal in Maven is a smallest task to be executed. Maven builds and manages a project, may be built to Zero goal or more build phases(has more goals).

172. Where do you find Class Files when you Compile a Maven Project?

You will find the class files in Project’s base directory/target/classes/.

173. What is the Project's fully qualified Artifact name?

Fully qualified artifacts name has these properties group ID, artifact ID and the version string. These three together identify the artifact. "<groupId> <artifactId> <version>".

174. What is Build Profile?

A Build Profile is nothing but the set of Configuration values which are used to overwrite default values of Maven build. Using this profile you can customise build for development and production.

175. What are the different types of build profiles?

Here are the different types of build profiles listed:
Per Project: It is defined in Project POM file(pom.xml)
Per User: It is defined in Maven settings.xml file($USERHOME/.m2/settings.xml)
Global: It is defined in global setting.xml file($USERHOME/.m2/conf/settings.xml)
Profile descriptor: It is defined in the project’s base dir (profiles.xml)

176. What is Maven Archetype? What are all the different types of Project types?

Archetype plugin of maven a templating tool kit to create a variety of Java Project structures, like webapp, site-simple, mojo, plugin, quickstart, etc. Which generates jar, war, zip files and dll files.

177. What are the things that you must define for External dependency?

External dependencies are also configured in the POM.XML file as in the same way normal dependencies are configured. Even the same GAV parameters to be defined so that maven can include that dependency.

178. What are the benefits of storing JARS/external dependencies in the local repository instead of remote repository?

As the local repository is quickly accessible for the project and there will be no need of versioning of JAR files.

179. What is the use of Optional Dependency?

You can mark any dependency as optional using "Optional" element For Example

180. How to run the clean plugin automatically during the build?

For this you need to include the clean plugin inside the execution tag in the POM.xml.

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