Shell Scripting

What is Shell Scripting?

Shell Scripting is an on-trend scripting language and there is a proverb "where there is a bash there is a way". Shell is a command-line interpreter and Shell script is nothing but a list of commands executed by the shell. Sequence of command can be saved in ".sh" file and can be executed any where(remote) in the termianl.

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Switch Potential for Shell Scripting:

As Shell works very close to kernel. Shell scripting is very fast and reliable than GUI and this will make you expert in handling admin tasks, The best Shell Script online training by Gamut Gurus Technologies will provide a better scope to learn Shell Script as part of our DevOps training

IT Professionals

Mainframe Professionals

Unix administrators

Testing professionals

Who can learn Shell Scripting?

Shell Scripting is one of the tools in the DevOps practice package. GamutGurus provides requirement based learning of each tool, sinking it with corporate application paving a better way for learners to equip them as corporate ready professionals after the training cycle. We tell you, who can take this up.

  1. Developers / DevOps Engineers working in any applications or platforms.
  2. AWS solution Architects,AWS Engineers working in the AWS platform.
  3. IT Automation Engineers working on different instances
  4. Professionals who are working on old tools like Ansible etc.

Why to join Shell Scripting as part of DevOps training?

Sneak-peek of Shell Scripting tool with its scope and demand in the job market

  1. Infrastructure Automation is a major practice in most of the IT companies, Shell Scripting is used highly in this area of Infra-Automation.
  2. Instance creation saves time and increases the efficiency of operations through Shell Scripting.
  3. By 2021, 57% Companies will use Shell Scripting for major infrastructure versioning and Infra- Automation

Coverage Potential for Shell Scripting Training

  • Introduction to Shell
  • Basic Commands
  • Return Codes and Exit Status
  • Variables and Its types
  • Command Arguments
  • If, If-else and If-else ladder
  • For loop
  • While loop
  • Switch Case
  • Introduction to Expressions and it types
  • Data manipulation using SED command
  • Functions and function call
  • Advanced Scripts
  • Script to Create Calculator

Take aways

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3+ Mini Projects

1000+ Interview Question