What is Nexus?

Nexus is a repository to manage your build artifacts. Configure your builds to save package/artifacts(JAR,WAR) in Nexus, so that other developers can have access to it. Nexus is one of the best tools in the gamutguru's DevOps practices.Its very important for DevOps Engineers to learn Nexus to keep backups of your artifacts.

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Switch Potential for Nexus:

As Nexus keeps backups of your project binaries, it is one of the tool to be covered in DevOps online training by Gamut Gurus Technologies and will provide training on Nexus with real time projects.

Who can learn Nexus?

Nexus is one of the best tools in the DevOps practice package. GamutGurus provides requirement based learning of each tool, sinking it with corporate application paving a better way for learners to equip them as corporate ready professionals after the training cycle. We tell you, who can take this up.

  1. Build and Release Engineers can opt Nexus tool to backup Builds & Deployment into different environment.
  2. Freshers, college graduates, software engineers whose next big move is to get DevOps certification training.
  3. Project Leads who are responsible of project's consistency they should keep backup of each build.

Why to join Nexus?

As part of DevOps Certification training, Here in GamutGurus you will be learning Nexus on our own Realtime project called "GAMUTKART".

  1. You will gain knowledge to automate build backups in the DevOps course
  2. Nexus has been one of the DevOps tool in the market for the last 8 years in the build tools category.
  3. This is where DevOps Engineers understand the core concept of application backing up project's artifacts.

Coverage Potential for Nexus Training

  • Component Life-cycle Management and Repository Management
  • Installing and Running Nexus
  • What is a Repository Manager?
  • Repository vs. Repository Manager
  • Configuring Maven to Use Nexus
  • Using the Nexus User Interface
  • Configuring Nexus
  • Nexus Smart Proxy
  • Nexus LDAP Integration
  • Nexus Procurement Suite
  • Improved Releases with Nexus Staging
  • Repository Health Check
  • Managing Maven Settings
  • OSGi Bundle Repositories
  • P2 Repositories
  • .NET Package Repositories
  • Deploying Sites to Nexus
  • Proxy Repositories
  • Hosted Repositories
  • Repository Groups
  • Nexus Best Practices
  • Nexus Plugins
  • Migrating to Nexus
  • Configuring Nexus for SSL
  • Evaluating Nexus Step by Step

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