What is Maven?

Maven is a build tool for Java-based applications. Using Maven we can automate application code compilation and Build process. Maven is one of the core tools in the gamut of DevOps practices.Its very important for DevOps Engineers to learn Maven to understand end to end Build,packaging and deployment process.

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Switch Potential for Maven:

Compared to other build tools like ANT, Maven has got a lot of advanced features like convention over configuration, automatic dependency resolution and project administration capabilities with site generation etc. The best DevOps online training by Gamut Gurus Technologies will provide training on Maven with real time projects.

Software Developers

Build/Release Engineer

Reliability Engineer

AppSec Professionals

Who can learn Maven?

Git is one of the tools in the DevOps practice package. GamutGurus provides requirement based learning of each tool, sinking it with corporate application paving a better way for learners to equip them as corporate ready professionals after the training cycle. We tell you, who can take this up.

  1. Professionals working in Java platform can opt Maven for career enhancement.
  2. Build and Release Engineers can opt Maven tool to automate Builds & Deployments into different environments.
  3. Freshers, college graduates, software engineers whose next big move is to get DevOps certification training..
  4. QA Engineers or Test Engineers who write Java code for selenium and Unit testing.

Why to join Maven:

>As part of DevOps Certification training, Here in GamutGurus you will be learning Maven on Our Own Realtime project called ?GAMUTKART?

  1. You will gain knowledge to automate code compilation, Packaging and application deployment by end of the DevOps course
  2. Maven has been one of the best DevOps tool in the market for the last 8 years in the build tools category.
  3. This is where DevOps Engineers understand the core concept of application builds & Deployments.

Coverage Potential for Maven Training

  • Build and Deployment End-to-End Workflow
  • Roles and Responsibilities of DevOps Engineer in Software Build & Deployment
  • Role of Build tools in Software build process automation
  • Introduction to Maven build tool
  • Maven Vs ANT(Key Features of Maven Over ANT)
  • Build tools for different languages
  • Feel the pain of source code manual compilation with manual example
  • Necessity of transforming source code into binaires
  • What is compilation
  • Why source code compilation is required
  • Artifact, Binaries, Executables, object code definition - Get terminology
  • Machine Vs Human understandable language
  • Maven Installation and Prerequisites, Downloading Maven and JDK
  • Setting up JAVA_HOME, M2_HOME and PATH ENV variables
  • Discussion about $USER_HOME/.bashrc file and Installation of any tool in Linux
  • Java build process. Packaging sequence (.Class, .Jar, .War, .Ear , etc.)
  • What is compilation & why we compile the source code
  • Packaging sequence for Java application
  • What is Build
  • What is Deployment
  • Environment
  • Dev, QA & DevOps teams Interaction and Collaboration
  • Creating a project using Maven
  • Mavens convention over configuration feature
  • Understanding Project source tree layout
  • Understanding Junit unit testing framework
  • Understanding Test Driven Development (TDD) approach
  • Overview of Software development & other testing methodologies
  • Software Development and Testing Best practices
  • Git Jargons understanding your understanding based on what you have learned so far. Let’s bring you in track to hit the Iceberg!
  • If you have to give a short lecture on Git in Gamut Gurus, how much you can talk?
  • Understanding Git as a tool and it’s internals.
  • Commit your first change to Remote repository, Consciously! $ Commands: ‘git add’, ‘git commit’, ‘git push’
  • Git Revision Structure – SHA, User, Email, Commit Message and other metadata
  • How Git generates SHA value? What is this checksum code and data integrity all about? Why such a long hexadecimal number?
  • Significance of Staging Index. Then why git allows me to skip it. Skipping the staging.
  • Implementing various Build methodologies based on real-time requirements
    • Build Types - hands-on
    • Complete build/Clean build/Full build
    • Nightly build
    • Daily build
    • bugfix build
    • adhoc/unplanned/emergency builds
    • Execution of all build types with hands-on for GamutKart project
    • Maven plugins, Skipping Test compilation, run and execution of tests when required
    • mvn install -DskipTests
    • mvn install -Dmaven.test.skip=true
    • mvn surefire:test
    • Creating project for web application. Building the war file
  • Understanding various Environment and their usage: DEV, QA, SIT, UAT, Perf, STAGE, PROD , etc.
  • Deployment promotion methodologies from one environment to another environment
  • Understanding application servers and web servers
  • Tomcat installation & configuration
  • Understanding Tomcat startup scripts, deployment path, port configurations etc.
  • Building and deploying GamutKart project into tomcat
  • Understanding WAR / EAR files and its resources
  • Project-1: Automate complete build and deployment process using Maven and Shell
  • Project-2: Automate complete build and deployment for real-time gamutkart application.
  • Deployment best practices & roll back process.
  • Launching application from different environments
  • Understanding DEV, QA, OPS and DEVOPS teams interactions, SLAs and Support
  • Git pull
  • Git push
  • Git clone.
  • Git fetch
  • Difference between pull and fetch
  • Difference between clone and pull
  • Pull and Fetch best practices

Take aways

10+ Case Studies

3+ Mini Projects

1000+ Interview Question

Gamut Gurus Technologies for Maven Certification

Git and Github training with Gamut Gurus will help to implement the practicality of the version control tool in DevOps. Get the industry-specific curriculum and hands-on practical form our professional expert trainers. Our USPs for providing the best DevOps training in Marathahalli can be scrutinized by our legacy to complete more than 7 years of training with 4000 + corporate batches and 400 + successful batches with 504 + online learners. Individuals can avail DevOps training online and classroom sessions from Gamut Gurus Technologies in Bangalore..

  1. 60+ hours of extensive Maven training.
  2. Designated industry-specific course curriculum to help you master Maven.
  3. Real-time project management for git certified training with practical learning.
  4. Job assistance with Mock Interviews, Quiz Sessions and Resume round ups.
  5. Professional experts trainers with in-depth knowledge of Maven resources.
  6. Flexible batch timings for college students, freshers, freelancers, and working professionals.
  7. Lifetime access to quality study materials, notes, and project resources.
  8. 360-degree one-to-one feedback for doubt clearance.
  9. Projector stimulated smart classrooms for Maven training.
  10. Instructor-led online repository to get access anytime for your DevOps training online.