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Python Training in Bangalore

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GamutGurus Technologies - The most reliable Training in Bangalore with a training experience of more than 08 years in the Python Domain. Our Python trainers have sound experience for more than 15 years. Our course provides the students with high-paying jobs, keeping a great track on being adopted by fortune 500 companies globally. Students can easily grab job opportunities in Python as our uniqueness is in Python training at pure practical hands-on mode with fewer theories & more practical training. Python Certification Course will provide you with an industry-relevant curriculum where you will learn about python packages like Pandas, Matplotlib, NumPy, Lambda Function, and many more. Also, you will learn to write Python codes optimally with hands-on projects and practical sessions. Learn Python with this Python training online designed by experts.

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Our Python training in Marathahalli gained a high repute surrounded by many IT companies and is the sought-after hub next to the electronic city for IT professionals to easily commute and learn Python in Gamut Gurus. We cater both Online Python Training and Classroom Python Training course! Join the community that delivered more than 6700+ corporate learners and successfully completed 530+batches, being the best Python institute in Bangalore for the past 08+ years.

Start to learn all 15+ Python tools with Live instructions on the terminal, Learning and applying it live during the training.

What you learn -
Virtual Machine, Storage RBAC CDN Network VPC Load balancer DNS AD
Python Curriculum
  • Concepts & practicals
    • Installing and using Python
    • Installing Anaconda
    • What is IDE and IDLE
    • Setting up your environment
    • Writing your first program
    • Executing Python from the command line
    • Comments and Input-Output
    • Working with Python development tools
    • Numbers and expressions
    • Variables and statements
    • Python syntax, style and coding conventions
    • Doc strings, PEP standards
    • Working with strings
    • Variables, keywords, data types
    • Python core objects and built-in functions
    • Operators
    • Control Flow
    • Python Constructs and Looping
  • Job oriented: Hands-On preparation
    • Using operators in python
    • Using built-in functions
    • Prime number
    • Factorial
  • Concepts & practicals
    • Data Structures in Python
    • Lists – Operations: indexing, slicing, changing, deleting
    • Mutable vs immutable
    • Tuples – Properties and usage
    • Dictionaries – Structure and usage. Operations – access, del, clear
    • Sets – Operations : clear, copy, difference, discard, remove
    • Enumerator, iterator, generator
    • Comprehension techniques
  • Job oriented: Hands-On preparation
    • Sum of all even numbers between 1 to n
    • String slicing exercises
    • Calculate sum of digits of a number?
    • Create a Student database to perform CRUD operations
    • Reverse order of words in string
    • List of numbers which are not present in master list
  • Concepts & practicals
    • Data Structures in Python
    • Lists – Operations: indexing, slicing, changing, deleting
    • Mutable vs immutable
    • Tuples – Properties and usage
    • Dictionaries – Structure and usage. Operations – access, del, clear
    • Sets – Operations : clear, copy, difference, discard, remove
    • Enumerator, iterator, generator
    • Comprehension techniques
  • Job oriented: Hands-On preparation
    • Find the largest name in a list
    • Create another list where all strings greater than length 5
    • Generate Fibonacci series using yield
    • Menu driven program to create an employee database to perform CRUD
  • Concepts & practicals
    • Classes and objects
    • Instances and instance attributes
    • Special Methods
    • Binding and method invocation
    • Inheritance
  • Job oriented: Hands-On preparation
    • Working with strings
  • Concepts & practicals
    • What are types of errors
    • Handling various exceptions using try....except...else
    • Try-finally clause
    • Python Standard Exceptions
    • Handling multiple exceptions
    • Raising an exceptions, User-Defined Exceptions
  • Job oriented: Hands-On preparation
    • Working with strings
  • Concepts & practicals
    • Introduction to Modules
    • Creating UDM
    • Standard boiler plate
    • Standard Modules – sys, OS, math, time
  • Job oriented: Hands-On preparation
    • Working with strings
  • Concepts & practicals
    • User defined function.
    • Document string.
    • Scope of local variable.
    • Creating user defined function.
    • Calling a user defined function.
    • Arguments and KWARGS.
    • Lambda function and purpose.
  • Job oriented: Hands-On preparation
    • Hands-On practical for Argument Based Programming.
  • Concepts & practicals
    • Closures and Decorators in Python
    • Try-except-else
    • For-else
    • The pickle module
    • Json module
  • Job oriented: Hands-On preparation
    • Hands-on decorators
    • Use cases
  • Concepts & practicals
    • Introduction to Regex
    • Special symbols and characters for RE
    • Meta characters
    • Search and replace operations
    • Practical examples
  • Job oriented: Hands-On preparation
    • Call Validation: Check if the incoming call is from India or not. starts with 0 or +91 and 10 digit number validation - Call from India
  • Concepts & practicals
    • Creating database with sqlite3
    • CRUD Operations
    • Introduction to MySQL and mongodb packages
  • Job oriented: Hands-On preparation
    • Program to connect MySQL database and store employee information
  • Concepts & practicals
    • Importing Numpy and pandas
    • Creating N-dimensional array
    • Array operations
    • Indexing, slicing, iterating over Numpy
    • Pandas Series and Data Frames
    • Pandas operations
    • Indexing, Merging, Joining
    • GroupBy and aggregation on Data frames
  • Job oriented: Hands-On preparation
    • Exploratory data analysis on real time Data set
    • Performing operations using pandas and Numpy

Our Potential Python Coverage

Our Python Training will give a complete packaged learning with deep-dive explanations and concept pitching of various tools. Our training is designed by industry experts to cover all the major practices in Python. We keep adding all-new trending tools and practices in Python as part of the curriculum being called ourselves as Exclusive Python Training institute in Bangalore. Get your Python certification with us & Open a new career account!

Real-time Project

In this Python project you will be introduced to the types of functions and its usage in python. You will get hands-on experience in developing a calculator app and its configuration.

Project 1 : Creating a Calculator application.

Industry : General

Problem Statement :How to invoke separate functions for separate calculations.

Topics : Python functions and its types.

What you will do:
  • You will write separate function for each operation
  • And all separate functions are invoked in one.

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120+ hours of extensive training. Timespan: 3 hours/day
Pure command line and hands-on
Real-life projects and real-time integrations
Support & job assistance
Industry recognized certificate
14+ years Exp. Trainer
Doubt Clarification Session
Interview Questions & Career Guidance
Industry-woven Curriculum

Python Job crackers | Why do learning Python in Gamut Gurus help me crack interviews easily?

Python Jobs - Again stands out to be a most sought-after term across the IT recruitment realm! We see a lot of untuned vibes over the question Python job demand/ Python interview/ Python Salary etc. in most of the recruitment postings. Here at Gamut Gurus - We designed our Python curriculum to accommodate “corporate-readiness” followed by giving several sessions on interview preparation/career guidance and corporate conjunction events to boost your possibilities of gaining a better job. “Learn Python from us and start to work on Python projects instantly” is what we give as an open promise to all our learners, Having a strong hope on our extensive Python Course content & training delivery ever in the market at the cheapest price!

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There are two modes of training – Online instructor-led classes & offline classroom course. The course content for both are the same.

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