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Google Cloud Certification Training in Hyderabad

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Google Cloud Architect


GamutGurus Technologies - The most reliable GCP-DevOps Training in hyderabad with a training experience in pure DevOps for more than 17+ years from the time DevOps was coined as a term from Build & release. The word “GCP-DevOps” becomes a buzzword in the IT job market with its high-value focus on the DevOps certification professionals to provide them with high-paying jobs, keeping a great track on being adopted by fortune 500 companies globally. You can easily grab job opportunities in DevOps as our uniqueness is in DevOps Training at pure practical hands-on mode with fewer theories & No slides. Our Google Cloud Certified-Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer course is curated, considering the current industry standards. This course will allow you to explore the concepts of Google Cloud and DevOps, their integration with each other, automating the service deployment using CI/CD methods. Deployments using Kubernetes and PaaS. This GCP-DevOps course in hyderabad will Explain why adopting a mindset that supports a DevOps culture is essential to implementing GCP-DevOps

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Our GCP training in hyderabad gained a high repute surrounded by many IT Companies and is the sought-after hub next to the Electronic City for IT professionals to easily commute and learn GCP in GamutGurus. We cater both Online GCP Training and Classroom GCP Training courses! Join the community that delivered more than 20000+ corporate learners and completed 12000+batches, being the best GCP institute in Bangalore for the past 10 years. Start to learn all the tools with Live instructions on the terminal, Learning and applying it live during the training

Start to learn all 15+ DevOps tools with Live instructions on the terminal, Learning and applying it live during the training.

What you learn -
Virtual Machine, Storage RBAC CDN Network VPC Load balancer DNS AD

GCP Cloud Certification Course Curriculum

  • Concepts & practicals
    • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Infrastructure Preview.
    • Introduction to Compute resources
    • Introduction to Networking Services
    • Introduction to Storage and Database offering
    • Introduction to Bigdata and AI services
    • List the different ways of interacting with GCP.
    • Basics of GCP Project
    • Use the GCP Console and Cloud Shell.
    • Create Cloud Storage buckets.
    • Use the GCP Marketplace to deploy solutions.
    • Managing GCP environment with GCP console
    • Control GCP environment using CLI
    • GCP environment management using Cloud Shell.
  • Job oriented: Hands-On preparation
    • Console and Cloud Shell.
    • GCP Infrastructure Preview.
    • Install and configure cloud SDK.
  • Concepts & practicals
    • List the VPC objects in GCP.
    • Differentiate between the different types of VPC networks.
    • Implement VPC networks and firewall rules.
    • Design a maintenance server\bastion host.
    • Network/Sub-network.
    • DNS Resolution.
    • DHCP.
    • Firewalls and Routes.
    • Network Topology.
  • Job oriented: Hands-On preparation
    • Console and Cloud Shell
    • .
    • GCP Infrastructure Preview.
    • Install and configure cloud SDK.
  • Concepts & practicals
    • List the VPC objects in GCP.
    • Differentiate between the different types of VPC networks.
    • Implement VPC networks and firewall rules.
    • Design a maintenance server\bastion host.
    • Network/Sub-network.
    • DNS Resolution.
    • DHCP.
    • Firewalls and Routes.
    • Network Topology.
  • Job oriented: Hands-On preparation
    • Create a custom network with multiple sub nets and apply firewall rules
    • Create an auto network.
    • Test connectivity within the network and outside the network using virtual machines.
  • Concepts & practicals
    • Recall the CPU and memory options for virtual machines.
    • Describe the disk options for virtual machines.
    • Explain VM pricing and discounts.
    • Use Compute Engine to create and customize VM instances.
    • Persistent disk – HDD, SSD and Local SSD
    • Snapshots and Images.
  • Job oriented: Hands-On preparation
    • Create Custom Machine Types optimized for specific needs.
    • Creating VM instance using CLI.
    • Working with Virtual Machine – Attaching persistent disk to VM.
    • Creating snapshots and images from existing disks.
  • Concepts & practicals
    • Describe the Cloud IAM resource hierarchy.
    • Explain the different types of IAM roles.
    • Recall the different types of IAM members.
    • G-Suite and Cloud Identity.
    • Organization setup and G-Suite.
    • Implement access control for resources using Cloud IAM.
    • Understand Identity and Access Management (IAM).
    • Understanding Organizations, Roles, Members, Service accounts, Policy.
    • Policy Hierarchy.
    • Understanding different role and permission.
    • Creating custom role.
    • Basic IAM APIs.
    • Best Practices.
  • Job oriented: Hands-On preparation
    • Create and implement service accounts.
    • Setup cloud identity and GCP Organizational account.
  • Concepts & practicals
    • Differentiate between Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL, Cloud Spanner, Cloud Firestore and Cloud Bigtable.
    • Choose a data storage service based on your requirements.
    • Implement data storage services.
  • Job oriented: Hands-On preparation
    • Working with Cloud Storage Buckets.
    • Working with Cloud Shell And Storing Results on Cloud Storage.
    • How to use Gsutil tool to manage cloud storage.
    • Setup Cloud SQL High Availability Instance and read replicas.
    • Getting started with Cloud Spanner.
    • Getting started with DataStore.
    • Getting started with Bigtable.
    • Getting started with Memorystore.
    • Getting started with Filestore.
  • Concepts & practicals
    • Describe the cloud resource manager hierarchy.
    • Recognize how quotas protect GCP customers.
    • Use labels to organize resources.
    • Explain the behavior of budget alerts in GCP.
  • Job oriented: Hands-On preparation
    • Billing Data with BigQuExamining ery
  • Concepts & practicals
    • Describe the Stackdriver services for monitoring, logging, error reporting, tracing, and debugging.
    • Create charts, alerts, and uptime checks for resources with Stackdriver Monitoring.
    • Use Stackdriver Debugger to identify and fix errors.
  • Job oriented: Hands-On preparation
    • Resource Monitoring using stackdriver.
    • Create Health Checks.
    • Create Dashboards.
    • Create Groups.
    • Review metrics.
    • Create alerts
    • Install and configure monitoring and logging agent.
    • Error Reporting, Tracing and Debugging using an App Engine application.
    • Logging
    • Review logs in batch and real-time mode.
    • Audit logs
    • Creating log metrics.
    • Queries on logs.
    • Installation of the logging agent.
  • Concepts & practicals
    • Recall the GCP interconnect and peering services available to connect your infrastructure to GCP.
    • Determine which GCP interconnect or peering service to use in specific circumstances.
    • Create and configure VPN gateways.
    • Recall when to use Shared VPC and when to use VPC Network Peering.
  • Job oriented: Hands-On preparation
    • Setup a VPN Connection.
    • Using static routing mode.
    • Using dynamic routing mode (BGP).
    • Setup VPC Peering.
  • Concepts & practicals
    • Recall the various load balancing services.
    • Determine which GCP load balancer to use in specific circumstances.
    • Describe auto scaling behavior.
    • Configure load balancer and auto-scaling.
  • Job oriented: Hands-On preparation
    • Create images and instance templates.
    • Create managed instance groups.
    • Set Up an External Load Balancer and add the instance group as a back-end service.
    • Set Up an internal Load Balancer and add the instance group as a back-end service.
  • Concepts & practicals
    • Describe the managed services for data processing in GCP.
    • Dataflow services.
    • Data Ingestion using Pub\Sub.
    • Stream and Batch processing.
    • Working with Dataproc.
    • Getting started with DataPrep.
    • Getting started with Datalab for data visualization.
    • Getting started with Data Studio for reporting needs.
  • Job oriented: Hands-On preparation
    • Setup a streaming data infrastructure using Pub\Sub, Dataflow and Bigquery.
  • Concepts & practicals
    • Understand Containers and their benefits.
    • Kubernetes Engine, Container Registry.
    • How to use Kubernetes Load Balancing.
    • How to choose Kubernetes Engine, App Engine, or Containers on Compute Engine.
  • Job oriented: Hands-On preparation
    • Installing and getting started with docker containers.
    • Building container images using dockerfile.
    • Pushing images to container registry.
    • Creating A Kubernetes Cluster in GCP
    • Deploying a workload and exposing the workload using a services.

Our Potential GCP Coverage

Our GCP Trainingin hyderabad will give a complete packaged learning with deep-dive explanations and concept pitching of various tools. Our training is designed by industry experts to cover all the major practices in GCP. We keep adding all-new trending tools and practices in GCP, as part of the curriculum being called ourselves as Exclusive GCP Training institute in Bangalore. Get your GCP certification Online too with us & Open a new career account!

Real-time Project

Setting Up Load balancer - In this google cloud project you will be creating 5 virtual machines and deploy the same applications in all 5 machines and check if the user request is distributed equally throughout the machines.

Project 1 : Setting up a load balancer in Google Cloud.

Industry : Cloud

Problem Statement : how to distribute traffic over 5 machines using Load Balancer..

Topics : Creating load balancer and adding 5 machines to its outbound, making sure the network traffic is distributed evenly

What you will do:
  • Setup Load Balancer
  • Create 5 virtual machines.
  • Deploy the same application in all 5 machines.
  • Create in-bound and out-bound rules.

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70+ hours of extensive training.
Pure command line and hands-on
Real-life projects and real-time integrations
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Industry recognized certificate
17+ years Exp. Trainer
Doubt Clarification Session
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Industry-woven Curriculum

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GCP Jobs - Again stands out to be a most sought-after term across the IT recruitment realm! We see a lot of untuned vibes over the question GCP job demand/ GCP interview/ GCP Salary etc. in most of the recruitment postings. Here at GamutGurus - We designed our GCP curriculum to accommodate “corporate-readiness” followed by giving several sessions on interview preparation/career guidance and corporate conjunction events to boost your possibilities of gaining a better job. “Learn GCP from us and start to work on GCP projects instantly” is what we give as an open promise to all our learners, Having a strong hope on our extensive GCP Course content & training delivery ever in the market at the cheapest price!

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Yes, you will have lifetime access to your purchased course materials.
Your gurus will help you with installing all necessary software/environment that will be required to execute practicals.
Yes, after successful completion of your course, we will help you to curate your resume that will stand-out with your recently acquired skills. Also, we will conduct mock-interview sessions to help you prepare for your job interview.
There are two modes of training – Online instructor-led classes & offline classroom course. The course content for both are the same.

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