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Our Webinars sessions are a robust mixture of the latest Industry Techniques and practices, and valuable insights from Top Tech Experts. Join our exclusive webinar sessions to gain deep knowledge into Trending Technologies of the IT Industry

FREE DevOps Career Guidance Demo Webinars

There are no upcoming webinars.

DevOps Demo Agenda


The Gamut Gurus DevOps Demo will help you to practices like Continuous Integration (CI) - continuous Deployment (CD) - Continuous Delivery(CD) using several tools along the ribbon of DevOps explained in detail by our DevOps Experts in this program to all the enthusiasts.


1.What is DevOps?
2.Overview of DevOps tools
3.Hands-on Navigation of all tools with realtime cases
3.Top trending DevOps practices in the market
4.DevSecOps - A new security Injection - On trending practice
5.How to make DevOps as your potential career
6.Job demand for DevOps in near future
7.Q&A - Shoot your queries and get it answered

You will learn DevOps with the Gamut Gurus DevOps course as per the tech industry demands in pure practical mode and become a DevOps Engineer.

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