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Most Asked DevOps Interview Questions

Here we have compiled the most probable DevOps interview questions asked in the industry. You will learn about software version control, Git repository, reverting a commit in Git, Vagrant, continuous testing elements, and the importance of continuous integration, testing, and deployment. These questions are curated after discussing with many interviewers and DevOps Training experts.

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Interview Questions
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71. Explain Ansible facts?

Ansible Facts are unchangeable information about the remote hosts. Ansible collects almost all the information about the target hosts as it runs a playbook. The task of collecting this remote system information is called Gathering Facts. To generate facts, ansible runs the setup module. And the command is
$ ansible- m setup hostname
this will print out a dictionary of all the facts available for that host.
You can also see all the facts using the below command
$ ansible all- m setup

72. What is Role in Ansible?

Roles are collections of certain tasks variables and handlers. These Roles are shared over Ansible Galaxy to be reusable/redistributable for other Ansible users as well.

73. What are the different components of Ansible?

Ansible consist of the following components:

  • Inventories
  • Modules
  • Variables
  • Plugins & APIs
  • Hosts
  • Playbooks
  • Facts
  • Roles
  • Vault and
  • Handlers

74. How do I handle different machines needing different user accounts or ports to log in with?

Let say, suppose these hosts have different ports, username and connection type as one is linux and other is windows machine.
Setting variables in the inventory file is the easiest way for this as shown:
  [web_servers]   ansible_port=8000   ansible_user=user1   ansible_connection=ssh   ansible_port=8001   ansible_user=user2   ansible_connection=winrm

75. How to see all the inventory variables that are defined in the host?

To see all the inventory variables execute the following command:
$ansible -m debug -a var=hostvars[web_servers] localhost

76. What is that Ansible can do?

Ansible can do the following:

  • Configuration management
  • Application deployment
  • Task automation
  • IT orchestration

77. In which language Ansible is written in?

Ansible is written in Python, PowerShell and in Ruby by Michael DeHaan.

78. What is Red Hat Ansible?

Both Ansible and Ansible Tower are Red Hat products, both are complete automation platforms with the following features:

  • Cloud Provisioning
  • Deploying applications
  • Orchestration
  • Manage IT Infrastructure
  • Configuration Management
  • Networking
But Ansible is an open source and Ansible Tower is a commercial enterprise product that comes with RedHat Support and with some extra features like GUI, etc.

79. Is Ansible an open source tool?

Yes, Ansible is an open source tool which is a powerful automation software tool for configuration management from RedHat.

80. What are Ansible server requirements?

Ansible can configure windows systems, but Windows systems can’t be an ansible server without virtualization. Ansible Server should be a Linux machine with ssh and python 2.6+ version installed.

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