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AWS Solution Architect


GamutGurus Technologies - The most reliable AWS Training in kolkata with training experience for more than 10 years from the time AWS was coined. The word “AWS” becomes a buzzword in the IT job market with its high-value focus on the certificated professionals to provide them with high-paying jobs, keeping a great track on being adopted by fortune 500 companies globally. You can easily grab job opportunities, as our uniqueness is in Training with a pure practical hands-on mode, with fewer theories & No slides. GamutGurus AWS training in kolkata and certification will help you master skills like AWS Cloud, Lambda, Redshift, EC2, IAM, S3, Global Accelerator, and more. Also, in this AWS course, you will work on various tools of the AWS cloud platform and create a highly scalable SaaS application. Learn AWS from AWS certified experts to become an AWS solutions architect.

Our Unique Features

Tools Covered

Our AWS training in kolkata gained a high repute surrounded by many IT Companies and is the sought-after hub next to the Electronic City for IT professionals to easily commute and learn AWS in Gamut Gurus. We cater both Online AWS Training and Classroom AWS Training courses! Join the community that delivered more than 20000+ corporate learners and completed 12000+batches, being the best AWS institute in Bangalore for the past 13+ years.

Start to learn all the tools with Live instructions on the terminal, Learning and applying it live during the training.

What you learn -
Instances Volumes IAM CDN Network VPC Load balancer Route53 AD

Aws Full Courses Curriculum

  • Concepts & practicals
    • Introduction to Virtualization.
    • Concept of Virtualization.
    • Extending the concept of Virtualization to the Cloud.
    • Introduction to Cloud Computing.
    • Cloud Computing Models.
    • Cloud Deployment Models.
    • Different Vendors in Cloud Computing.
    • Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing.
    • Understanding the Financials of Cloud.
    • What is a Solution Architect.
    • Role of Solution Architect.
    • IBrief Overview of different AWS services: Compute, Storage, Network, Monitoring, Cache Services, Database, Encryption, and IAM Services.
    • ntroduction to AWS.
    • Discussing Exam Blueprint.
    • AWS Global Infrastructure: Regions and AZ.
  • Job oriented: Hands-On preparation
    • Signing up a free tier account.
    • Navigating AWS Console.
    • Navigating different services.
  • Concepts & practicals
    • Introduction to IAM.
    • Understanding Managed Policies and Inline Policies.
    • Permission Boundaries.
    • Understanding Identity vs Resources
    • Managing Policies
    • Introduction to JSON
    • Validating JSON Policies
    • Understanding Policies: Service/Actions/Resources
    • Understanding different functional role policies: Admin/Power User
    • Understanding AWS and Customer Managed Policies
    • Understanding IAM Roles: SAML, Federation, Services
    • Introduction to Billing Dashboard
    • AWS Billing Alerts and Cost Budgets.
  • Job oriented: Hands-On preparation
    • Logging on to AWS Console and navigating to IAM Console.
    • Creating Users and Groups and then assigning Group membership and Permissions.
    • Enabling MFA.
    • IAM Password Policy.
    • Implementing Permission Boundaries.
    • Create IAM Policies.
    • Testing IAM Policies.
    • Add/Remove Identity Permissions.
    • Setting up cross-account access between two accounts.
    • Adding a user to the Admin/Power Admin group and understand its impact.
    • Create a Customer Managed Policy.
    • Lab on setting up SAML.
    • Navigating the Billing Dashboard.
    • Setting up Alerts.
  • Concepts & practicals
    • Introduction to Object Storage.
    • AWS S3 Buckets and Objects.
    • AWS S3 Versioning.
    • AWS S3 Encryption.
    • AWS Cross Region Replication.
    • AWS S3 Static Website.
    • AWS S3 Consistency Model.
    • AWS S3 Security & Bucket Policies
    • AWS S3 CORS
    • AWS S3 Pre-Signed URL`s.
    • Different type of S3 Storage Tiers.
    • Introduction to Glacier.
    • Discussing S3 Lifecycle Rules.
    • Introduction to Snowball.
    • Introduction to Storage Gateway: Cached and Volume Gateway.
    • AWS S3 Billing.
    • AWS Transfer Acceleration.
  • Job oriented: Hands-On preparation
    • Navigating the S3 Services and exploring various features.
    • Lab on S3 Versioning.
    • Lab on S3 Encryption.
    • Lab on S3 Replication.
    • Lab on setting up a static website.
    • Lab on setting up a Bucket Policies.
    • Lab on setting up AWS S3 Pre-Signed URL`s.
    • Lab on setting up S3 MFA delete.
    • Lab on enabling server access logging.
    • Lab on accessing S3 using CLI.
    • AWS S3 Notification.
    • Setting up Transfer Acceleration.
  • Concepts & practicals
    • Introduction to AWS EC2.
    • Understanding: Instances and AMIs.
    • Region and AZ Concept with reference to EC2.
    • Understanding different types of AMIs.
    • Understanding the difference between Instance Sote and EBS Backed AMI.
    • Different Instance Types: General Purpose, Compute, Memory and Storage Optimized & Accelerated Computing Instances.
    • Discussing instance purchasing options such as On-Demand, Reserve, Scheduled, Spot, Dedicated Hosts, and Dedicated Instances
    • Introduction to Security Group
    • Improving performance for EBS with RAID.
    • EC2 user data and metadata.
    • Understanding the EC2 Placement Groups.
    • Introduction to EFS.
    • Introduction to Encryption and Cloud HSM.
    • Introduction to AWS Key Management Service (KMS).
    • SSM Parameter Store Overview.
  • Job oriented: Hands-On preparation
    • Describe Role of Azure
    • Configure Azure Role policy
  • Concepts & practicals
    • Introduction to Networking.
    • How networking devices communicate with each other?
    • Introduction to IP Addressing.
    • Introduction to AWS Networking: Region, Edge Locations and AZ.
    • Understanding Private vs Public vs Elastic IP in AWS
    • Discussion on VPC and its components like Subnet, Route Tables and IGW, Security Group and NACL and differentiate between NACL and Security Group.
    • Introduction to NAT: NAT Gateway and Instance NAT Gateway.
    • Introduction to Bastion Host.
    • Introduction to VPC Peering.
    • Introduction to VPC Endpoints.
    • Discussion on VPC Flow logs and Athena.
    • AWS VPN: Site to Site, Customer Gateway, Virtual Private Gateway.
    • AWS Direct Connect.
    • AWS Egress Internet Gateway.
    • Introduction to VPC Transit Gateway.
    • Introduction to CDN.
  • Job oriented: Hands-On preparation
    • Creating your first VPC and testing if it can be accessed through SSH by creating either a Linux or Windows Instance.
    • Creating NAT gateway within your VPC and test it with instances in Private VPC.
    • Creating Bastion Host and Key Forwarding.
    • Creating VPC Peering.
    • Creation of VPC Endpoints to access S3 via an EC2 instance.
    • Creating VPC Flow logs and analyzing them through Athena.
    • Creating your VPN connection between 02 sites.
    • Creating your CDN using S3 as a Static website.
  • Concepts & practicals
    • Introduction to DNS.
    • DNS Functioning.
    • AWS Route 53: Hosted Zones, Record Types. CNAME vs Alia Records.
    • Route 53 Policies: Simple/Weighted/Latency Fail over/Geo location/Multi Value.
    • Route53: Health Check.
    • Introduction to AWS Monitoring Services: Cloudwatch, Cloud Trails , AWS Config, AWS Shield, AWS Inspector & SNS.
    • Discussion on Cloud Watch, Cloud Trail, AWS Inspector and AWS Shield & SNS.
    • Cloudwatch Metrics, Dashboards, Alarms, Events and Logs.
  • Job oriented: Hands-On preparation
    • Registering Domains with Route53.
    • Configure Route53.
    • Simple Routing Policy.
    • Weighted Routing Policy.
    • Latency Routing Policy.
    • Fail over Routing Policy.
    • Geo location Routing Policy.
    • Multi value Routing Policy.
    • Route53 Health Check.
    • Configure Basic and Detailed Monitoring for an EC2 instance.
    • SNS Configuration.
    • Cloud Trail.
  • Concepts & practicals
    • Introduction to High Availability and Scalability.
    • Concept of MTTR, MTBF, RTO and RPO
    • Introduction to Elastic Load Balancer & How it works.
    • Different types of Load Balancers: Classic, Network and Load Balancer.
    • Understanding Load Balancer Stickiness.
    • ELB Health Checks.
    • ELB Cross Zone Load Balancing.
    • ELB Positioning: External and Internal Load Balancing.
    • ELB Security Group and NACL.
    • ELB Monitoring.
    • Introduction to Auto Scaling and its components.
    • Features of Auto scaling.
    • Auto scaling and ELB Service.
    • Auto scaling Health Checks.
    • Auto scaling Monitoring.
    • Auto scaling Policies: Scheduled, On-Demand and Target Scaling.
  • Job oriented: Hands-On preparation
    • Lab on setting up Classic Load Balancer in VPC that includes implementing SG and NACL.
    • Lab on setting up Network Load Balancer in VPC that includes implementing SG and NACL.
    • Lab on setting up Application Load Balancer in VPC that includes implementing SG and NACL.
  • Concepts & practicals
    • Introduction to Databases.
    • AWS Databases: SQL & No SQL Databases.
    • RDS and DynamoDB and its difference.
    • Introduction to RDS.
    • RDS Features such as : Multi AZ and Read only Replica.
    • Automatic Backups, Subnet Groups, RDS Instance Security and encryption.
    • Automatic Failover with RDS Multi-AZ Deployments.
    • Introduction and Aurora Cluster Architecture.
    • Amazon Aurora Features - Autoscaling, Storage and Reliability, High Availability.
    • Introduction to DynamoDB
    • DynamoDB- Read and Write Units
    • Partitions Keys vs Composite Keys
    • Projection Expression
    • DynamoDB - Consistency Models
    • DynamoDB Auto Scaling
    • DynamoDB Global Tables
    • Introduction to DynamoDB Accelerator
    • Global Secondary Index and Local Secondary Index
    • DynamoDB Streams
    • Understanding Memcached Engine.
    • Understanding Redis Engine.
    • Understanding Redis Data Types & Pub/Sub Capabilities
    • Understanding ElastiCache in AWS
    • Decision Factor - Memcached vs Redis.
  • Job oriented: Hands-On preparation
    • Setting up first RDS instance and accessing it remotely.
    • Creating a Multi-AZ instance.
    • Creating a Read Replica and Promoting it to Master.
    • Performing CRUD operations.
    • Manual Backup vs Automate.
    • ElastiCache - Deploying Memcached Cluster Engine.
    • Setting up first DynamoDB Table.
    • Global Secondary Index and Local Secondary Index.
    • Creating DynamoDB Streams.
    • ElastiCache - Deploying Redis Cluster Engine.
  • Concepts & practicals
    • Application Services: SES,SQS, Kinesis,Redshift, Lambda.
    • Introduction to Message Brokers.
    • Visibility Timeout in SQS.
    • Queue Types in SQS.
    • Scaling to Traffic Patterns.
    • Introduction to SES: Sending and Receiving Email.
    • Using Configuration Sets.
    • Monitoring your Sending Activity and Sender Reputation.
    • Introduction to Kinesis.
    • Kinesis: Data Streams, Data Firehose, Kinesis and Analytics.
    • Introduction to AWS Lambda.
    • AWS Lambda Function Invocation types.
    • AWS Lambda Triggers - Event Sources that can Trigger a Lambda Function.
    • Introduction to AWS Lambda@Edge.
    • API Gateway Overview.
    • Understanding working of API.
    • Building the function for our API.
    • Introduction to RedShift.
    • Understanding Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse.
    • Understanding AWS RedShift Architecture.
  • Job oriented: Hands-On preparation
    • Setup SES.
    • Integrate SES with Workmail and send SNS by setting up an alarm in EC2.
    • Lab on setting up Application Load Balancer in VPC that includes implementing SG and NACL.
    • Setting up Kinesis Analytics.
    • Setting up Lambda function to take backup of all the Volumes across the region.
    • Setting up Lambda function to shutdown all the EC2 instances during late night.
    • Setting up Lambda function to trigger SNS if any object is deleted in S3.
    • API Gateway stages and Deployments Hands on.
    • Building our API with API Gateway.
    • Deploying RedShift Cluster.
  • Concepts & practicals
    • Configuration Management: Cloud formation, OpsWork, Beanstalk.
    • Introduction to Elastic Beanstalk.
    • Managing Applications.
    • Managing Environments.
    • Advanced Configuration.
    • Environment Configuration.
    • Integrating AWS Services.
    • Overview of AWS OpsWorks.
    • OpsWorks LifeCycle Events.
    • AWS OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise.
    • AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate.
    • AWS OpsWorks Stacks.
    • Understanding Infrastructure as Code ( IAC ).
    • Getting started with CloudFormation.
    • Working with Stacks.
    • Working with Templates.
    • What is AWS CloudFormation Designer?
  • Job oriented: Hands-On preparation
    • Deploying application in Node JS.
    • Deploying application PHP.
    • Deploying application using Chef.
    • Deploying application using Puppet.
    • Deploying LAMP stack using Cloud Formation.
    • Understand Cloud Formation Template.
  • Concepts & practicals
    • AWS Services.
    • AWS Organizations.
    • AWS DataBase Migration Services.
    • AWS Server Migration Services.
    • AWS WorkSpaces.
    • AWS WorkMail.
    • AWS Active Directory Services.
    • AWS Glue.
    • AWS Systems Manager.
    • AWS X-Ray.
    • AWS SWF.
    • AWS Step Function.
    • Difference between SWF and Step Function.
    • AWS Athena.
  • Job oriented: Hands-On preparation
    • Configuring Active Directory.
    • Configuring Work Mail.
    • Configuring Work Spaces.
    • Server Migration.
  • Concepts & practicals
    • Well Architecture Framework.
    • Operation Excellence.
    • Security.
    • Reliability.
    • Performance Efficiency.
    • Cost Optimization.
    • AWS Trusted Advisor.
    • Best Architecture and Solutions.
    • Disaster Recovery in AWS.
    • Understanding the AWS Solution Architect Exam.
    • Scheduling Exam.
    • Exam Tips.
    • Roles and Responsibilities of AWS Architect in an Enterprise.
  • Job oriented: Hands-On preparation
    • AWS case study : How it enhances hosting services
    • Amazon and virtualization

Our Potential AWS Coverage

Our AWS Trainingin kolkata will give a complete packaged learning with deep-dive explanations and concept pitching of various tools. Our training is designed by Industry experts to cover all the major practices in AWS. We keep adding all new trending tools and practices in AWS, as part of the curriculum being called ourselves as Exclusive AWS Training institute in Bangalore. Get your AWS certification Online too with us & Open a new career account!

Real-time Project

In this DevOps project you will be introduced to the DevOps pipeline demo in various industry domains like media, finance, medical projects and more. You will get hands-on experience in Docker containerization by deploying Jenkins, working with integration tests in DevOps, Project Reports and finance app configuration.

Project 1 : Containerizing various frameworks and NGINX Application using Docker.

Industry : General

Problem Statement : How to integrate the software projects deployed in diverse environments using Docker.

Topics : In this Docker project you will containerize the software running in different environment like Node.Js, MongoDB, NGINX, and ASP.NET. You will first setup these frameworks and the NGINX application on Docker container and then run them on the individual containers.

What you will do:
  • Setup Node.Js on Docker container
  • Pull NGINX image from Docker hub
  • Deploy PowerShell & Hyper-V.

Project 2 : Using Git for version control and tracking of software.

Industry: The Web

Problem Statement : How to ensure the changes on the website made by various developers is implemented.

Topics : In this project you will be working on coordinating the work of multiple developers making changes to the website of an online pet’s store. You will focus on source code management, creating a repository on Git for all the codes created by various developers, Next, we check the status of the code, bring it to staging, then commit it, and view its status in log all within the Git repository.

What you will do:
  • Create a repository on GitHub
  • The various Git commands
  • Push local repository into Git repository.

Our USPs

60+ hours of extensive training. Timespan: 2 hours/day
Pure command line and hands-on
Real-life projects and real-time integrations
Support & job assistance
Industry recognized certificate
17+ years Exp. Trainer
Doubt Clarification Session
Interview Questions & Career Guidance
Industry-woven Curriculum

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Again stands out to be a most sought after term across the IT recruitment realm! We see a lot of un tuned vibes over the question AWS job demand/ AWS interview/ AWS Salary etc. in most of the recruitment postings. Here at Gamut Gurus - We designed our AWS curriculum to accommodate “corporate-readiness” followed by giving several sessions on interview preparation/career guidance and corporate conjunction events to boost your possibilities of gaining a better job. “Learn AWS from us and start to work on AWS projects instantly” is what we give as an open promise to all our learners, Having a strong hope on our extensive AWS Course content & training delivery ever in the market at the cheapest price! Again stands out to be a most sought after term across the IT recruitment realm! We see a lot of un tuned vibes over the question DevOps job demand/ DevOps interview/ DevOps Salary etc. in most of the recruitment postings. Here at Gamut Gurus - We designed our DevOps curriculum to accommodate “corporate-readiness” followed by giving several sessions on interview preparation/career guidance and corporate conjunction events to boost your possibilities of gaining a better job. “Learn DevOps from us and start to work on DevOps projects instantly” is what we give as an open promise to all our learners, Having a strong hope on our extensive DevOps Course content & training delivery ever in the market at the cheapest price!

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Yes, you will have lifetime access to your purchased course materials.
Your gurus will help you with installing all necessary software/environment that will be required to execute practicals.
Yes, after successful completion of your course, we will help you to curate your resume that will stand-out with your recently acquired skills. Also, we will conduct mock-interview sessions to help you prepare for your job interview.
There are two modes of training – Online instructor-led classes & offline classroom course. The course content for both are the same.

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