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Most Asked DevOps Interview Questions

Here we have compiled the most probable DevOps interview questions asked in the industry. You will learn about software version control, Git repository, reverting a commit in Git, Vagrant, continuous testing elements, and the importance of continuous integration, testing, and deployment. These questions are curated after discussing with many interviewers and DevOps Training experts.

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Interview Questions
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1411. Describe the role of a Service Mesh like Istio in a Kubernetes environment.

A Service Mesh like Istio in a Kubernetes environment provides advanced networking, security, and observability features for managing communication between services. It enhances control over traffic routing, enforces security policies, and offers monitoring tools for better management of microservices.

1412. How can you monitor and troubleshoot applications running in a Kubernetes cluster?

  • Using monitoring tools like Prometheus and Grafana to track metrics.
  • Utilizing centralized logging with tools like Elasticsearch and Kibana.
  • Implementing distributed tracing with tools like Jaeger.
  • Configuring health checks for applications.
  • Using debugging tools like kubectl exec and kubectl logs.
  • Setting up alerting rules for critical issues.
  • Monitoring resource usage and performance.

1413. What is the different between node selector and node affinity?

Node SelectorNode Affinity
Basic method for node selection based on labels.Advanced method for node selection based on label rules and expressions.
Directly specified in pod configurations using nodeSelector field.Allows more complex criteria for pod placement.
Matches exact label values.Specified in pod specifications' affinity field.
Limited to straightforward node selection based on predefined labels.Includes options like required rules and preferred preferences for node selection, offering finer control over scheduling.

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