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Python ( 40 hours - 30 days )

Course Highlights :

Installing & Running Python

    • Installing Python 3.6 on different platforms
    • Python folder structure
    • Python third party modules and installation
    • Python Interpreter and Python Interactive Shell
    • Python IDE


    • Why do we need Python?
    • Python Features
    • Areas of Application of Python
    • Program structure
    • Writing First Python Program
    • Interactive Mode Programming
    • Script Mode Programming
    • Dir and commands

Variables, Keywords and Operators

    • Identifiers
    • Operators
    • Arithmetic, Relational and Logical Operators
    • Reserved Words and Indentation
    • Multi-Line Statements and Comments
    • Command Line Arguments
    • Input and Output statements

Basic Data types and Operations

    • Numbers
    • Strings
    • Booleans
    • Indexing ,slicing and formatting
    • Built-in Methods
    • Examples

Complex Data types and operations

    • List
    • Tuple
    • Dictionary
    • Sets
    • Accessing keys and values
    • Indexing, merging, sorting and slicing
    • Built in methods
    • Examples

Decision Making Statements

    • If statements
    • If else statements
    • If-elif- else statements
    • Nested if else statements
    • Conditional statements
    • Examples


    • While
    • For
    • Break
    • Continue
    • Examples

Type Conversions and Iterators

  • Basic type conversions Int, float, string and list
  • Understanding Iterators
  • Iter and next methods
  • Iterators and Dictionaries
  • Examples


  • Introduction To Functions
  • Function Definition and call
  • Functions with Multiple Arguments
  • Functions with single and Multiple return values
  • Default arguments
  • Variable arguments
  • Keyword arguments
  • Recursive Functions
  • Local and Global scope
  • Function Objects
  • Anonymous Functions
  • Examples

File Operations

  • Opening and Closing Files
  • Different file Access modes
  • Read, Write, Seek and Close
  • Creating, Deleting files and Directories
  • Examples


  • Using Built-In modules
  • User-Defined Modules
  • Modules Namespaces
  • Examples

Exception Handling

  • Default Exception Handler
  • Catching Exceptions
  • Raise an Exceptions
  • User defined Exceptions
  • Assertions
  • Examples


  • Classes and instances
  • Classes method calls
  • Inheritance and Compositions
  • Statics and Class Methods
  • Bound and unbound Methods
  • Operator Overloading
  • Polymorphism
  • Examples

Advanced Concepts

  • Decorators
  • Generators
  • List Comprehensions
  • Lamda functions
  • Examples

Working with Real Time Automation

  • Regular Expressions
  • File System
  • XML Parsing
  • Text file Parsing
  • Json Paring
  • Command prompt
  • Data readers from excel
  • Web services
  • Examples

Contact Gurus

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Email : info@gamutgurus.com

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Gamut Gurus technologies offer certification programs for Python. Certificates are issues on successful completion of the course and the assessment examination. Students are requested to participate in the real-time project program to get first-hand experience on the usage and application of the Python. The real-time projects are designed by our team of industry experts to help students get best possible exposure to the Python and its applications.

  • Choosing an Institute that can understand ones level of understanding on a subject and make him/her qualified enough to grow expertise within him/herself – is really a quite difficult task! Fortunately I was informed by my friend about Gamut Gurus and I took no time to decide to take the opportunity of taking the course on DevOps from here. I feel it is a really good place to take the training on the DevOps tools. In due course of time I could explore few valuable qualities of this institute: 1. Mr. Nageshwara Rao him self takes all the classes and that appears to me a great advantage 2. Mr. Nageshwara Rao do possess a good quality teaching capability – he knows how to teach 3. Every and each line is extensively covered and revised in well fashio

    Kaushik Roy

  • Hi,I have taken Python and DevOps course at Gamut Gurus technologies. I thought to explain my wonderful experience here with few words, but I think all of these words are already used. :-) Great, Good, Very nice...etc. I echo all these feedback strongly and second all these reviews. Gamut gurus provides a very good environment for learning and project work. Their project work helped me to get real hands-on training. Thanks to Nageswara Rao sir. You are a great devOps trainer.

    Moilla Reddy

  • HI , thanks to gamut gurus , i have completed course more than 6 months back , first it was build and release. then again i was invited for short update of tools , as few tools were added . i got online training assistance as i was working .thanks to Nageswar Sir .DevOps have a very good future. now as most of the companies are implementing . it i came to learn this course as my company was moving to other team and i had to upgrade my skills , i was referred by my friends to join gamut as they are expert in build and release and now DevOps , Nageswar is the best trainer you can find for devops as he puts all his working experience , he trained us on real time process which is helping me now as i m working on devops ,

    chandu k

  • Excellent training to the core. Are you comparing DevOps course providers like how how we compare products in e-commerce websites before buying in terms of quality, value for money..etc? Just Blindly Join here at Gamut Gurus technologies with P Nageswara Rao sir. I know how trainings work in most of the other institutes and online training portals. Unfortunately in most of the places, we get only terminology and basic knowledge. We see business in most of the other places. But, here I see, passion, energy, teaching ethics with Nageswara Rao sir. What a great personality. He is not a traditional trainer, doesn't look for business. He knows, how to teach, make student understand, care each and everybody.

    Arul Patra

  • I have taken DevOps training in Gamut gurus and the trainer Nageswara Rao has a very good subject knowledge. He doesn't worry about the business but, spends good amount of time with students and teaches everything from scratch. Thank you for your help and efforts sir. It's priceless.

    surender ps

  • Here is the best place, To Build your carrier as a DevOps Architect & Build and Release engineer and will go out with lot of knowledge and better experience..... @@@@ Thanks for all your efforts to motivate me and teaching the subject in a great humble way. You are beyond just a DevOps guru for me @@@@


  • I have taken DevOps training in Gamut Gurus. Training of Nageswara Rao is really awesome. We will get to know the core concepts with. realtime scenarios . One thing I like here is minimal slides and maximum command line teaching.


  • Thx 2gamut technologies .....we will get a lot of stuff here..best study circle 4 build nd release nd devops ...thx 2 mr.Nagesh sir the way he teach d subject is soo good i hope most of d people wil get a job after trained here..i had best expirence here 2 upgrade my self thx u Gamu

    Raghu Pasupuleti

  • HI, i took online classes from gamut gurus as I stay at Chennai. Even being at long distance, I got full assistance on my online classes, Interview preparation and job support. They helped me preparing my resume and for interviews. Their commitment for teaching and ready to serve attitude on request is very appreciating. I got job after completing DevOps course within 2 months. DevOps is the concept for faster and controlled software delivery. Gamut Gurus is the institute which delivers great DevOps training. :-) Feel fortunate as I learned DevOps at right time at right person P Nageswara Rao. Thank your for associating with you.

    Prema reddy

  • I had a a very good training experience in Gamut Gurus technologies. I have taken DevOps and Python courses here. My trainer P nageswara Rao is a geek in DevOps. He has a great working and teaching experience. A person with zero knowledge can understand his subject. He teaches everything on realtime project with hands-on command line. Their staff understands participants requirements and helps to continue a comfortable learning journey. I joined into DevOps role recently and I am able to my learnings here. Thank you. I wish you all the very best for all your future endeavors

    kavitha krishnamurty

  • I have joined GamutGurus . I had a great learning experience and it helped to my carrier. GamutGurus is the best choice as the institute has provided an extensive and in depth knowledge on the real-time projects and the study material and real-time training at there works station and lab been very helpful in understanding the topics in better way. our instructor was truly the best delivering DevOps.

    Revathi p

  • good training center, u will meet lot of professional people @ gamut, learning together. even i meet few project mangers from some company learning devops at gamut as they are implementing devops in there company. devops is happening thing in IT industry

    Srikanth Dasari

  • I have taken DevOps course in Gamut Gurus. Instructor P.Nageswara Rao is a DevOps geek and well teacher. More than any thing, I liked the extensive training with core hands-on command line teaching. Thanks Gamut Gurus, Keep rocking. :-)

    GaneSh D

  • The way of presentation is excellent. Being a starter to cloud technology I am not finding difficulty getting the information from the instructor. Course content and formation is excellent. Course faculty is highly experienced and having patience to clarify student's clarifications. Thanks to Gamutgurus technologies

    vijay hazarika

  • Good course contents, the explanation and guidance provided by Nageswara sir is really helpful. Opportunity provided to try practicals on your own pace. Best part is to have access to study material for reference any time you need, Thanks a lot to Gamutgurus

    Rahul saineer

  • hi, gamut gurus is a rite place to learn . apart form learning i got to know how to enhance career with rite skills . the way they are training providing projects helped me to gain more knowledge


  • "kudos". thanks to Gamutgurus unit . I experienced a very good response. I missed few classes in between. i requested for backup classes they have arranged it when ever requested. Nageswar Rao is best trainer and a career guide

    Mehul patel

  • Good . gamut gurus meeting professional level of training . online classes would have been better . hopefully they start online classes and assistance when required

    Rambabu k

  • i really appreciate NAGESWERA .RAO sir as he gives importance to educating students as professional teacher . his level of interest in teaching is amazing as he goes in depth while training. always available for students for any queries . he is a master in devops he shares all his knowledge

    Imran khan

  • Its a good training in Gamut gurus that i was done here and every thing they are explaining excellent for Devops course its a good institute to devops.

    nadim shaik

  • HI , i was working with one of the MNC'S on build and release. I upgraded my skills to devops as suggested by my trainer P Nageswara Rao @Gamut Gurus technologies. Now it is very helpful for me as I moved to DevOps team internally. Thanks to Gamut Gurus Technologies and Sir.

    vikram narula

  • HI , thanks to nageswera sir who helped to get into job . now i m working on SVN tool for a banking processes in Mumbai . practice at gamut lab helped me get into getting job easily

    sanjeev kumar

  • thanks for online classes @ gamutgurus , I dint find any good trainer for DevOps at Mumbai , one of my friend from Bangalore has referred me Nagesware's devops classes . so far classes are going good

    Rima kukreja

  • I have taken DevOps training in Gamut gurus and the trainer Nageswara Rao has a very good subject knowledge. He teaches everything from scratch gives real time environment. It is the place where you can learn subject. I suggest you to join and gain your subject to achieve your job.

    Manda Prudhvi

  • hi i have experienced a very good learning process . i would like to recommend this institute as they provide continuous training. i have been at institue almost every day .after training u can learn at their institute as part of practice session . totally a complete training center

    krishna iyer

  • i like to thank tariner for guiding me for my career helped me to get a new job , as i was working on a same technologie there was no growth after 6 years too . i found a rit place ( gamut gurus ) . DevOps is the rit course to go for if ur not finding any growth

    Akash v

  • GOOD! , I asked for shorter course duration as it was 45 days at class room. I was advised to sit weekdays and weekend batches too . I completed it in a shorter span . thanks for the cooperation@ gamut gurus

    Sachin MH

  • Hi yagnendra here , I completed my course at gamut gurus.this is the right place for joining DevOps , learning made here easy and bringing transformation as I lost my touch with technology and coding .....sir Nageswar Rao helped me to get things right in learning.....thank u .

    Yagnendra N

  • I have taken DevOps training in Gamut gurus and the trainer Nageswara Rao has a very good knowledge over DevOps aspects. He gives real time environment training of DevOps . It is the best place where you can learn all aspects of DevOps in real time environment practice.

    Suneel Maurya

  • thanks for the help from Nageswar sir , I have been trained by my own company as they stared DevOps recently I call sir for any query he is always open ready to give his time

    vibhav uppal

  • Nageswara Rao's DevOps training helped me to improve my skill and grow better in my career within a very short time. I started Into DevOps with 0% knowledge now after my training with DevOps in Gamut. I got a job in a MNC company. Where I haven't struggled much as fresher because sir has taught us the real time scenarios and how to resolve the same which made me to do work faster.

    honey sirisha

  • Gamut is very good institute. trainer teaching also very effective and he tell very patiently tell each and every topic.In this institute lab also available and he tell real time.He also covered AWS topics which is related to devops and it is a very good institute for everyone.His teaching also very good.For subject learning peoples it is very good one. Thanks to Nageswarao rao sir .

    gutha prasad

  • In my experience, I have seen people having great knowledge, but it's very difficult to talk to them. they go with their own high level approach. But, Having great knowledge in DevOps, I really wonder how Nageswara Rao sir degrades himself to the student level and help understand the subject. I know it's very difficult to understand job seekers requirement after having such a long 12 years experience. You are a very good trainer sir. Thank you. Thanks for all your efforts to motivate me and teaching the subject. You are beyond just a DevOps guru for me. May be I am bit emotional after getting placed in devops from your institute. But one thing I can say,,,, your institute is very good place to learn devops.

    Ramesh rana

  • od subject knowledge, Extensive training. I like the patience of Nageswara Rao when he explains the subject. I joined a DevOps online training and couldn't understand anything. But here I learned everything step-by-step. Great place for learning DevOps. One thing i like here is that the subject knowledge of nageswara rao, i can sit there and practice, i can attend the classes in another batch also if i dont understand.

    Praveen nayak

  • erhaps Nagesh is the best trainer in Bangalore for Devops. He has got immense knowledge in Devops Domain, very energetic, dedicated and experienced trainer. I had a great learning experience in Gamutgurus, where in I had to improve my scripting skills and learn new Devops Technologies. I really liked his teaching style and effort he puts to make all students understand. Most of trainers dont pay much attention if students are attentive or not. But Nagesh says in the class -- " If you dont resond, I will REPEAT" Anything and everything related to Devops Training and Consulting, I vote for Gamutgurus.

    Kalyani Spunk

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